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Modern Art Deco

Sophisticated Modern

This 10,000 square foot modern stone and glass home with it's meticulously crafted Japanese gardens is the centerpiece of a three-plus acre oak-studded property surrounded by the rolling hills of Berkeley in the San Francisco Bay Area. 


The goal was to develop a warm contemporary home that elevated the simplicity of geometric shape and modern architecture to create an environmentally friendly and timeless design.  A key focus was to create a central gallery that would showcase the homeowners’ extensive modern art collection, as well as to maximize the serene park-like feel and open hillside panorama.

The homeowners are passionate about architecture, art and design chose to collaborate with Alan Page of Talon Design to realize their vision. From the start, the influences were decidedly geometric and Deco.  The structure of Art Deco is based on mathematical geometric shapes.  It was widely considered to be an eclectic form of elegant and stylish modernism, being influenced by a variety of sources.  Careful consideration was given to getting the “volume of the cube” right in each room, all the while preserving the simple and clean lines that delineate exceptional modern design.

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